Return to Me

Return to Me is a romantic movie rated PG. Return to Me was directed by Bonnie Hunt and starred David Duchovny as Bob and Minnie Driver as Grace. It was filmed in Chicago in 1999, and released in April 2000.

The story begins with scenes at the zoo where Elizabeth works, and of Elizabeth's husband Bob in his work as an architect. After a fund-raiser for the zoo, Elizabeth is killed in a tragic car accident. Sometime later Bob meets Grace, who coincidentally was in the same hospital in which Elizabeth died. Grace was waiting for a heart transplant. Bob's wife donates her heart and it is given to Grace. Having been given a second chance at life, Grace is forever grateful and begins to enjoy life again. She writes anonymously to Bob thanking him for the organ and the new life, at this point she does not know him personally yet. Bob is heartbroken from his loss and goes into a state of depression until one night he shows up at a restaurant on a blind date set up by his best friend Charlie.There he immediately falls in love with the waitress, Grace. The two start to spend time together and are blissfully in love until Grace uncovers her handwritten thank-you note in Bob's house and realizes what has happened. She is horrified that she has his dead wife's heart, and tries to apologize. When Grace tells Bob, he is torn and must make a decision to live in the past with his wife or move on and begin to love Grace as well. A romantic happily-ever-after ending follows as they meet in Rome, and their struggle for love is over.